The Art of Block Laying Capalaba Installation: Exploring Popular Payer Patterns


Brick layer designs are at the heart of compelling and eye catching landscaping. Driveways, patios, decks, gardens, pools, and any outdoor area can be enhanced with a Block Laying Capalaba installation. These outdoor spaces become both functional and fashionable, adding lasting enjoyment and value to a home. With the wide range of patterns available, every homeowner can use the services of a brick layer installer as a way to make their homes unique and stand out in the neighborhood. This is why homeowners and home renovators alike utilize this landscaping medium so readily.

Using Stretcher Bond Patterns in Block Laying Springwood Installation

Stretcher bond patterns are among the most popular choices for landscaping with brickwork. The design utilizes long, rectangular pieces that are laid out side by side without alternating shapes or sizes. The result is a very easy to install pattern that can be stretched out to fit different sized and shaped areas. It is most commonly used for decks and walkways but is found in nearly any outdoor area.

The end result of this pattern is a simple but modern look. It incorporates very well with both modern and classic style homes and rarely ever looks out of place. While many people enjoy the simplicity of the product, especially do it yourself landscapers, other people may find it too simple for their tastes.

Mixing Designs for Landscaping

The mixed pattern allows for unique brick paver designs for homeowners to customize their home. As the name implies, a mixture of different sizes, shapes, orientations, and even colors can be combined to create a modern look with a one of a kind appeal. The random nature of a mixed pattern can be difficult to properly fit to a space without help from a brick laver installer.

A Look for Older Homes - Basket Weave Brick Laving Installation

When landscaping for older homes, the basket weave design offers an attractive alternative to the stretcher bond look without clashing with classic houses. Again, the name describes the overall look; lavers are laid out to resemble a woven basket. This creates an authentic look that is ideal for constructions from earlier in the 20th century.

The look is created by laying out lavers in opposite orientations in a grid work of squares. For example, two would be laid down vertically and the next two would be put down horizontally. This creates the look of a weave that runs throughout the outdoor space with bricks that appear to run under and over each other, much like a woven basket.

These three designs only scratch the surface of the wide range of brick laver designs. Matching patterns with the style of a home and the homeowner's own tastes makes for a wide range of options to create dynamic landscaped areas.

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